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Bitu-Ox Industrial Cleaning Products effectively tackle the toughest tasks, from removing tar to lubricating heavy machinery. Our products are proudly Made in the USA and SCS Certified Biodegradable & Waterway Safe*

Multi-Use Industrial and Commercial Cleaning

The Bitu-Ox line of industrial and commercial cleaning products are aggressive cleaners that liquefy mess on contact. Bitu-Ox 400, Bio NT, and Pro each tackle the most challenging of messes, removing the toughest grime for well-cleaned and maintained equipment and machinery. These heavy-duty cleaners break down gunk after simply spraying and watching it drip away.

Our Products

Bitu-OX 400:
Asphalt Remover & Degreaser

Our most popular multi-surface industrial cleaning product is formulated to remove asphalt, tar, oil, grease, and more. Bitu-Ox 400 liquifies the mess on contact, quickly cleaning tools, equipment, machinery, and more. Certified biodegradable and waterway safe*
     • Effective Tar and Asphalt Remover
     • Strong Degreaser
     • Prevents & Loosens Rust
     • Industrial Strength Performance
     • Dilution Options 

Bitu-Ox Bio NT:
Paint & Adhesive Remover

Effectively remove a variety of messes with Bitu-Ox Bio NT. Designed to break down tough stains and eliminate graffiti, industrial adhesives, paint, ink, hydrocarbons, gum, silicones, and grease, all in one cleaning product. Certified biodegradable and waterway safe*
     • Graffiti Remover
     • Industrial Paint & Ink Remover
     • Commercial Adhesive Remover Spray
     • Dilution Options

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Bitu-Ox Pro:
Commercial All-Purpose Cleaner

Bitu-Ox Pro is a water-based cleaner designed for daily multi-purpose cleaning in industrial or commercial applications. This versatile all-purpose spray cleaner removes grease, oil, grime, soap scum, mildew, sticky substances, fingerprints, and more. The perfect solution for general industrial and commercial cleaning!
     • Versatile
     • Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser
     • Used Effectively in Power Washers
     • Dilution Options

CHALLENGE THE OX: Industrial Cleaning Put to The Test

Easily Wipe Away the Mess. Take the Challenge.

Remove Graffiti with Bio NT

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Crude Oil Clean Up with 400

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400 Diluted: Just As Strong

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Roofing Tar Removal with 400

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SCS Certified Biodegradable & Waterway Safe*

*Product ingredients, except for surfactants, demonstrate an acute aquatic toxicity equal to or greater than 100 mg/L. Surfactants demonstrate an aquatic toxicity of greater than or equal to 10 mg/L, but contain no products of concern and are readily biodegradable.

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